A Better Story is about God...sort of. God, if you’re not too turned off by the term, tends to sneak up on us, sometimes in unexpected places and sometimes in familiar ones. One telltale sign of the sacred is when we seem to be pulled - toward living more vibrantly, acting more justly, seeing others more humanely - and into better stories. 

The sacred can be found everywhere, but A Better Story looks in two particular places: the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and the lives of others. Here's why...

A lot of us have a rocky relationship to the Bible, which is entirely understandable given the ways it has been used, and if we’re honest, some of the things it says. But when we look closely at the ancient stories it tells, we find, in all of the messiness of life it reflects, that it can be a better story than we often realize, inviting us to see the presence of the divine in unexpected places and to live life more fully. 

So, in some episodes we'll look at a part of the Bible, not as if it's a flawless scientific or historic account, but to see how the stories in it subvert the status quo, dare to question authority, push us to think in new ways, ask us to love more deeply, and, if read well, keep us from ever thinking we have life or God figured out. 

If you talk to someone long enough, you’ll often find that something in life – an idea, work of art, relationship, place or event – has taken on a life of its own and drawn them into a better way of living. Connecting with these experiences can move us into better stories of our own and give us glimpses of God. A Better Story podcast gives a voice to these experiences. 

So, in some episodes we'll sit down with interesting and thought-provoking people to hear what has moved them into a better story and how it happened. Because these experiences, and God, can't be contained within any one tradition, we'll talk to people inside, outside and in different faith circles. 

Sam Altis loves irreverent humor, good beer, thoughtful disagreement and cake. He has pastored at Trinity Church in Indianapolis and CrossWalk Community Church in Napa, California and worked in Refugee Resettlement in Seattle. He now resides in Los Angeles, CA where he’s constantly resisting the peer pressure to get in good shape. He has a M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary and has written for RELEVANT, if you care about that kind of thing. Kaylan, his brilliant wife, is a psychologist. Together, they care for an anxiety prone dog named Ralphy. Sam also cringes while writing third person bios about himself.

For some strange reason, do you want to hear more from Sam? Check out some of his other talks and articles on the fridge - you know, the place your mom puts all of the stuff you've done, no matter how crappy it is. Check it out, but don't get judgy. Faith is ever-evolving, so his perspectives may have changed.