#23. The Rhythm of Resurrection

In a week when there's a lot of talk about death and resurrection, you may find yourself with a few questions. What exactly is resurrection? Can we know what happens when we die? Isn't Easter just a pagan holiday that Christians repurposed? 

Resurrection may not be exactly what we thought. It might even be more. 

As always, all my gratitude to Theology Corner for promoting the podcast and Light Theory for providing the intro and outro tunes. Make sure to listen in next week for the one year anniversary episode! Fun will be had, books will be given away and money will be raised for refugees. 

#17. Grief: Some Things Can't Be Fixed

In the mood for a good cry? Or at least to listen to a grown man cry? This is your episode.

Seriously though, this is a heavy one. I share about one of the toughest seasons of my life: what it felt like, the role of friends and where God was (and wasn't). 

Part of this was also turned into an article. If you find this episode helpful, check it out: