#10. Q&A: Same Sex Love and the Bible

You sent questions. I answer them...or at least tell you my thoughts. Are there examples of same sex relationships in the Bible? Doesn't Genesis 1-2 and Ephesians 5 imply God only wants relationships between men and women? Where can I go to learn more? 

Check out these resources to dig deeper:


On Same Sex Love...

God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines
Torn by Justin Lee
Changing Our Mind by David Gushee (I don't love some of his final conclusions, but the book is a good overview of the texts)
Bible, Gender, Sexuality by James Brownson

On the Bible...
Making Sense of the Bible by Adam Hamilton
Disarming Scripture by Derek Flood
What is the Bible by Rob Bell


The Enduring Relevance, Astonishing Power and Unexpected Brilliance of the Bible on The Robcast

"The Bible and the Gay Christian" with Matthew Vines on The Bible for Normal People

The Clobbercast: Sexuality, the Bible and More on Homebrewed Christianity

#9. Same Sex Love and the Bible

When we look at the stories in scripture, and the way they move, we realize our LGBTQ friends have always belonged. 

Have questions or comments? Send them to or via Twitter or Facebook, and I'll try to answer them in next week's show. "Try" is the key word. 

Also, I got a little sloppy with my acronyms a couple of times in this one, and threw in a T and/or Q when it wasn't accurate. Apologies! Language is important, especially when it's talking about human beings.