#32. Barbara Brown Taylor: Holy Envy

For Barbara Brown Taylor (best-selling author, teacher, Episcopal priest), what started as a university teaching role turned into something sacred. Exploring other religions with her students became a transformative experience. In the end, it made her a better neighbor, gave her a broader understanding of the divine and rooted her deeper in her own tradition.

Barbara sat down to talk about this experience, which she writes about in Holy Envy. If you enjoy the conversation, be sure to pick up the book and visit to find out when Barbara’s book tour will be near you.

Photo credit: E. Lane Gresham

#30. Inderpreet Kaur: Getting to Know Sikhism

Sikhism is an empowering, justice-oriented and generous religion, whose story deserves to be more widely told. Fortunately for us, Inderpreet Kaur from the Sikh Coalition is here to help. She sat down to talk about beliefs, history and practices of Sikhs. After this conversation, you’ll definitely want to check out the work of the Sikh Coalition at Donate, learn and get involved in the great work they’re doing.

Photo courtesy of the Sikh Coalition.