process theology

#29. Dr. Tom Oord: God Can't

Dr. Tom Oord is back on the podcast to talk about his new book God Can’t. If you’ve ever wondered why God hasn’t prevented tragedy, are tired of cliche answers, and you don’t want to read volumes of dense theology, this is your book. Plus, Tom talks about some of the quirkier things in Christianity: healing, demons, heaven, hell, the second coming and more!

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#26. Dr. Catherine Keller: Tools for Building a Better World

Whether you're changing out old pieces of your faith or just wanting to create a better world, you'll love the work of Catherine Keller (Drew University). Catherine sat down to talk about some of the big ideas she has explored (process theology, mysticism, politics, the environment, the apocalypse), and give us tools for exploring the sacred and building a more just, beautiful and playful world. If you enjoy our conversation, make sure to pick up one of her many books

Don't forget to head over to Theology Corner for like-minded voices, and check out Light Theory if you enjoyed the intro and outro music.  

#24. Dr. Tripp Fuller: Process Theology

Does belief in God make sense in a world where terrible things happen? Or in the midst of an ever evolving scientific knowledge of the universe? Dr. Tripp Fuller (Homebrewed Christianity) thinks process theology has some pretty helpful tools for exploring those questions. He sat down to talk about process theology, an understanding of the cross that isn't terrible, the Bible in process and the resurgence of God as "ground of being". 

Make sure to check out Homebrewed Christianity, in particular their upcoming Theologies of Resistance class with our friend Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza. Don't miss Tripp's upcoming movie, The Road to Edmond, which premiers at the end of July. 

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